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Our intuitive, comprehensive benefit administration technology lets both you and your employees enroll, edit, and manage benefit elections like never before!

Move your company forward by harnessing data found right in your payroll and HCM software.

With a single, intuitive platform, your organization can make strategic decisions, cultivate a modern workplace, and enhance employee engagement—all while making your life easier.


Improve efficiency by streamlining core processes and providing enhanced access to employee information.

Human Resources

Automate daily tasks and leverage key HR data to identify trends to make strategic business decisions.

Time & Labor Management

Streamline how employees access time and attendance functionality while improving data accuracy.

Talent Management

Engage, develop, and retain your employees with innovative tools that enhance the employee experience.

Benefit Admin Technology

Simplify benefit enrollment and enhance your standard offerings with flexible benefit programs.


Engage employees with secure, 24/7 access to payroll and HR information where and when they need it.

Here’s how some companies have been using it:

  • Put all employee information into an online system.
  • Eliminate printing, faxing, and redundant data entry.
  • Simplify changes like adding a child or changing an address.
  • Prevent employees from making mistakes when signing up for benefits.
  • Stop overpaying carriers utilizing Global Harbor’s reconciliation tools.
  • Help employees navigate the new world consumer-driven healthcare.
  • Gain timely access to valuable information.
  • Provide employees with total compensation statements.

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