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With emphasisHR, you’re free to grow!

Our experienced team gets to know you, your people, and your business strategy. We then tailor our services, technology and approach to match your culture and support your goals.
Dedicated Team to Increase Productivity

We provide you with a dedicated HR professional with the top-notch HR expertise to ensure there is someone monitoring your compliance, technology, and culture.

Transparent Pricing and Customized Deliverables

One-Size-Fits-All does not work in HR. We offer a variety of options to meet your employees' needs with transparent pricing that benefit the bottom line.

On-Target Solutions that Drive Results

Our proven solutions allow you to do what you do best and, most importantly, offer peace of mind.


Exiting a PEO

Determining the best path forward can be overwhelming. One of the most challenging aspects of exiting a PEO can be the transition of the employee's legal employer.
Here’s our process for a smooth transition:
Step one 1
Professional Audit
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Step two 2
Comprehensive Plan
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Step three 3
Quick Onboarding
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Trusted Leadership

Our leaders are serial entrepreneurs who love the thrill of building companies from start-up to stellar success. Based on their experiences, emphas!s HR pioneered a unique approach to HRO that tailors to growth stage companies.
Principal / Co-Founder
Kurt Schmitke
Principal / Co-Founder
Colin Marx
Managing Director of Operations
Deb Krzeczowski
Managing Director of Human Resources

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Emphas!s HR is your dedicated team of HR experts that help guide, craft, and manage all your HR responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best.

What’s All the Buzz About? Find Out.

Every now and then our valued clients give us something in return—stellar feedback and a pat on the back.

“In the past, HR firms we’ve worked with lacked the tech know-how to deliver the high-touch, concierge-like service we received since moving to emphasisHR. Our complicated international reorganization called for extensive legal and logistical insights, and that’s what emphasisHR delivered.

They’re more than a part of the team; they’re my army of experts, and I can always count on them to be there with the answers I need.”

___Carrie Murphy, Director of Human Resources