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Create a workplace where your people – and your business – can thrive with emphas!sHR’s Total Talent Management approach. Wherever you are in your company’s fast-track, we have a solution set for you.

If You Are…

An owner or leader trying to grow your company… but keep getting pulled into HR issues that aren’t your forte: We’ll help you create a modern, progressive workplace by outsourcing some or all of your HR function to our expert team

If You Are…

A talented HR team in a growing company… but need to elevate the technology and processes that underpin your HR program: We’ll help you enhance your HR foundation with technology and white-glove customer service, so your workplace and company continue to grow

If You Are…

Lucky to have a few talented HR professionals on your team… but wish they spent more time on high-value strategy than transactional HR administration: Improve the productivity of your HR team by outsourcing the right administrative activities to our white-glove strategists and specialists

Did You Know

Over the past five years, compliance rules and regulations have increased, adding even more concerns for your business. These compliance laws cover everything from proper employee classification, safety requirements, and more.

With EmphasisHR, we can get you back to what you do best.

We've revolutionized the way small businesses manage payroll, benefits, compliance, recruiting and everything HR!

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