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With all the legislative and regulatory pressure and time needed to manage political and public image risks – who has time to manage the risks that come with Human Resource administration?


There is a lot to consider… political and economic trends, the weakening of public trust, the rapid advance in technological developments, building long-term stakeholder relations…the list goes on-and-on. So who has time for HR administration?

emphasisHR delivers a complete Human Resources proactive solution, streamlining your HR processes, and freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

Our experienced team completes an extensive on-site assessment of your company needs and challenges; gets to know you, your people, and your business strategy. We then provide a personalized plan, services, and technology to support your goals.

emphasisHR provides small to middle-market companies with an expert HR professional team that understand technology and people. We install Fortune 500 capabilities, technology, and processes, and train employees on their uses, with daily access to our experts.

We offer HR, payroll, and employee benefits administration, staffing and recruiting management, and technology process automation. On-Target solutions that drive results with transparent pricing that benefit the bottom line.

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