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Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Mavericks. Hotshots. Top dogs… Or, as we like to call them, clients. Their businesses are very different, but they have one thing in common:

They want a workplace where their people can thrive, and that’s just what emphas!sHR delivers.

emphasisHR is just so good to work with. When things happen, when things come up, everyone stays cool and we just work around it. It’s just a good relationship. If I need something, I can just call them anytime and they’re not afraid to call me if they see a problem or an opportunity, too. They just do what they say they’re going to do.


empasisHR didn’t try to sell us their off-the-shelf solution because they saw that our position was unique. They took what we had, made it better, more modern, more attractive to the people we need to succeed. Best of all, they were able to do it all fast, and without a lot of hand-holding that got in the way of me doing my job, which is to grow our company.


EmphasisHR manages our entire HR shop, and we depend on them every day. From handbooks to maternity leave policies, they are always on the spot with the right people and the right answers. Having a discussion with them is really easy—they bring new ideas to the table that have really made a difference.  By taking on the administrative day-to-day—and looking around corners for us on the strategic level—EmphasisHR lives up to their promise to make me free to grow my business.